Sustainable and Socially Responsible Investing with Smith Brook Advisors -what you can expect:

  • We can and will construct portfolios comprising so-called "green investments."
  • These portfolios can exclude tobacco, companies that emit excessive pollutants, and so forth. 
  • The portfolios can include "beneficial" investments, such as companies that take seriously workers' and women's rights.
  • ​Consistent monitoring of clients' investments. 
  • ​Education and Advocacy.

​​​One Marshmallow or Two?

"​Would you rather have one marshmallow now or two in 10 minutes?" That's a version of a classic psychological experiment performed with young children to examine deferred gratification. Most children go for taking the yummy snack immediately. How much do we outgrow the strong impulse for immediate pleasure in adulthood, and how can our seemingly "hardwired" behavior affect financial planning for the future, especially retirement? The Boston College Center for Financial Literacy has prepared an entertaining and instructive interactive video to look at that question. It's called "Curious Behaviors that can Ruin Retirement," and you can view it by clicking here 


Invest Like a Woman

That is, if you would like results equal to what men earn but with less risk. Here is an academic-based recipe from the Charles Schwab group titled "3 Traits That Make Women Better Investors." Click here to find out why and how.

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