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      I listen, I explain and I give the best advice I can in plain English. You literally have hundreds, if not thousands, of investment choices. Let me help you narrow those choices down to a way through the maze that works for you.

      When I was drawing up a business plan for Smith Brook, I chose to work primarily with Charles Schwab, LLC. with its full range of investment choices and it's extensive research so I would have all the diversification needed for my clients. I'm not an employee of the firm or bound to it in any way. The firm holds custody of my clients' investments and executes buying and selling with no commission.

        I do receive research and analyses from the firm, their own and from a handful of other top-line firms.

        I live and work in the small town of Ashfield from my home office, but I'm connected via the internet to the world at large.

​        Oh yes, I make house calls.



My wife, Susan Wade, are enjoying a couple of brisk days on Cape Cod. Susan is a professor of Medieval History and I was in a beard-growing contest to mark Ashfield's 250th.


      I provide customized investment planning and management services without commissions to a diverse group of clients​. Because my practice is entirely fee-based - a fee that is a small percentage of the assets in a portfolio - I have no incentive to steer clients toward high-commission investments. In fact, as a Registered Investment Advisor my recommendations take nothing into account except my clients' best interest.

      I have been licensed as a stockbroker for about 25 years and as a Registered Investment Advisor for about 20. 

​Smith Brook Investment Investment Advisors, LLC